Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Movie Review: Megamind

Title: Megamind
Author: DreamWorks Animation
Genre: Science Fiction
My Rating: ***
Brother's Rating: **** (a ***** had it not been animated)
Official Rating: PG
Age Group: 6+

Evil always loses--and never gets the girl. Destiny is chosen, just do the best you can with what you get handed.
When Megamind finally manages to win, and kill the superhero, he's got everything.
Or not. What's an evil guy to do when he's got no good guy to beat him up all the time?
Create a new superhero of course. He's got to have someone to fight, after all. On the side he dates the old superhero's former girlfriend, but in the disguise of some guy named Bernard.
Things go wrong when Megamind's new hero turns evil and now Megamind has to deal with a really pathetic but powerful villain. In the process, he ends up rethinking his take on life. Is super villainy really the only thing he's good at? What exactly is destiny?

Word of Warning
  • Buildings are destroyed.
  • People are in danger (but none seem to die or get injured).
  • Guns (often science fiction ones) appear constantly.
  • Evil is seen as good for most of the movie. This is because the main character (the one everyone is supposed to care for) is a super villain.
  • Hal is shot in the nose with a pill. The result is similar to a bee sting.
  • A character appears to die, but doesn't.
  • Another character appears to die and a skeleton is shown.
  • Megamind impersonates Bernard to date Roxanne and doesn't intend to tell her the truth.
  • One animated kiss.
  • Loud rock music and comical dramatic dancing.
  • Metroman is seen in his bathrobe. Megamind dresses behind a screne (no shadow) and then snaps his skin-tight elastic pants.
  • Hal gives himself a wedgie to prove his invulnerability.
  • Roxanne's outfits are a bit tight, but rarely have low necklines.

My Thoughts
It's funny. It's creative. And it's sweet. By chance, Megamind ended up getting a prison as his home. Metroman ended up with the perfect life. But Megamind proves to us that just because you're dealt the short stick doesn't mean you have to be content with it. Actually, you do. You can use it as a dagger, not a sword. That's exactly what Megamind does. He uses what he has to become something much greater than Metroman ever was or ever could be. He chooses his own destiny.


Lurai said...

Nice review! And from what I saw of it, it was a really cute movie. :)

Maria Gianna said...

Thank you! It really was a cute movie, and hilarious because every classic movie to pull, they pulled. In that sense, it was similar to "Princess Bride", only "Princess Bride" did the classic-overkill thing a lot better than "Megamind." Still, it really was pretty good!