Monday, November 11, 2013

Movie Review: The Magnificent Seven

Title: The Magnificent Seven
Author: N/A
Genre: Western, Adventure
My Rating: *****
Official Rating: None (made in 1960), probably PG
Age Group: 14+ (due to the mention of rape)
Summary: A little village south of the boarder is under attack and the farmers are helpless. They hire seven gunmen to save them from the enemy, who is thirty strong. How will these seven manage to protect the town, especially when they have their own personal struggles?

Word of Warning:
  • D*** and h*** are used a few times.
  • The village farmers suspect the seven will rape their women and so hide the women. The seven obviously don't do that, though the youngest does agree with one girl's father, saying that he's right about the seven being dangerous.
  • Characters are shot and die. A few die of knife wounds. Horses fall, people fall, fight scenes, etc. It's a western, after all.
  • Two passionate kisses.
  • A man is drunk.
  • Drinking (most people don't get drunk doing this).
  • A boy is spanked.

My Thoughts
It's the western of westerns. The characters develop, all gaining traits of manhood or perfecting the ones they had which were slightly twisted. It's filled with self-sacrifice, excitement, heroism, and fatherly figures. And when they ride off into the sunset, it's clear they're only leaving because they're not developed enough to settle down.
There really isn't much to say beyond that, because it doesn't really need anything beyond that. It's just good.


grandma jane said...

I actually enjoyed reading this scaled down review as it was all I needed to decide whether to see it. Sounds like a decent coming of age story set in the old west, along with all the harshness that implies.
I'm enjoying your mix of genres with a little something for everyone.

Maria Gianna said...

Grandma Jane,
Thank you! The funny thing is, it was not intentionally short. It simply didn't have many major problems and I really enjoyed being able to write such a short review. The shorter, the more readers :)
It was a wonderful story, coming of age for all of the characters in a unique way. My Catholic Studies class (Woman and Man) actually watched it and analyzed fatherhood in the characters. the entire movie is so full of goodness. I'm thrilled you're interested in watching.
I'm also glad you're enjoying the variation in genres. I do try to mix it up when possible :)