Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Book/Play Review: Magic

Hello all! Super excited to offer another publication by one of my students on another of our texts. The bracketed information was added by me. As you can see, she's a good concise writer. She's actually the same author as the other review I posted before. I'm glad to have her back again! Any comments will be passed along to her, so feel free to send something her way.

Title: Magic – A Fantastical Comedy
Author: G. K Chesterton
Publication Date: 1914
Genre: Play
My Rating: 4 Stars ****
Age Group: I think you should be older than 13 years old to read this. I encourage this age because some of the parts are very deep and confusing. There is also some romance and minor swearing.

The famous author G.K. Chesterton writes his first play in Magic. This entertaining story is about a magician, called the Conjurer. A woman, Patricia Carleon, finds him doing magic tricks in her garden and calls him a fairy. All of her family thinks she has gone mad. The characters in the play find out that he is actually a magician and want to know why he tricked, Patricia. You will have a thrilling ride with this play. The entertaining characters include a magician, a beautiful woman, a crazy American, a Duke and his secretary, an unreligious priest, and a philosophical doctor. 

Word of Warning:
  • Romance [nothing inappropriate]
  • Minor swearing [d***, a**]
  • Magic tricks
  • [Spoiler: a character made a pact with the devil in the past, which allowed him to use dark magic, and not just the tricks we are used to today. The character does regret this deal.]

My Thoughts:
I think that Magic is a very creative and entertaining play to read. Chesterton gives numerous views on many things while the readers or the audience are having a good laugh. I thoroughly enjoy reading and performing this play with my G.K. Chesterton Literature class.

Author Biography:
Hey! I am a budding writer that has taken numerous writing and literature classes throughout my life. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, playing chess and card games, diving, swimming, skiing, acting in plays, and hanging out with friends. When I grow older, I want to be an actor or an airplane pilot! Thank you for reading my Text Review on Magic!


grandma jane said...

Again, another good review from a student who seems to not only appreciate Chesterton, but owns a certain understanding of this play.

I wondered about the reviewer's role in the play and how that related to a first reading of Magic. Did anything change having been that Chesterton imagined character? Because it isn't everyone who actually gets to play one of his characters. What an opportunity!

One thing is for sure --this author seemed to enjoy both! While reading the review I could easily get the feel of what to expect as a reader and as a viewer. And that's exactly what a good review should do. Nice job here.

Maria Gianna said...

grandma jane,
Thank you! I am pretty proud of my students and what they've accomplished with these. They've turned in quality work here!
Yes, she does have a pretty solid understanding of the play.
She played the part of the Conjurer in class, then for our recording of the play the part of Hastings (the "butler" of sorts). She gained a lot of insight into other characters though, even while playing a different one, which I found really neat.
As far as the reading, everyone in the class said they understood it a lot more clearly after acting it out. It was a relatively simple play, but there is little action, so acting it out in the dialogue form that it is was very helpful for everyone, myself included.
Yup! She did a fantastic job. I'll pass along your comment to her.
Thanks for continuing to be a loyal and supportive reader!