Saturday, March 9, 2013

Movie Review: The Hobbit

Note: I confess that I am one of those strange people who did not read Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings books, though I did try. I love the movies, and I did mange to read The Hobbit and love it very much, though it's been a while since I read it so I can't really compare it to the movie.

This is our very first review and it seems appropriate, though a little late. Most of the reviews that I (Maria Gianna) post will be in this format. Please check out the sidebar. We have links, the possibility of receiving emails when new posts are made, and much more.

Title: The Hobbit
Author: Director was Peter Jackson
Genre: Fantasy
My Rating: *****
Age Group: 12+ (orcs are just plain creepy, no?)
Official Rating: PG-13

My Summary: Long ago, there was a hobbit in Middle Earth who had buried his sense of adventure and wanted nothing to do with adventures. Or should we start with the dwarves whose home was destroyed brutally by a terrible dragon? Or perhaps we begin with Gandalf.

Whoever you begin with, the story is great. Filmed in New Zealand, it is filled with beautiful scenery and is sure to make you start saving your pennies for a trip there.
The story does jump around a bit but overall it's wonderful. Characters were fantastic, especially the wizard who lives in the woods. I mean, he rides a sleigh pulled by giant rabbits and has a true bird's nest in his hair and has a friend hedgehog named Sebastian. How could he not be fantastic?
The dwarves are sure their mountain is no longer inhabited by the dragon and they are determined to reclaim what rightfully belongs to their people. They join together, a ragtag band of big-bearded yet short and stocky men following the prince. This dwarf showed great bravery in the war against the dragon and his story is told as the movie moves forward. Perhaps the only thing he fears is a certain white orc whom he believes to be dead, so what's to fear? Aside from their manners and hate of elves, the dwarves are completely likable--and they have great singing voices. So off they go to reclaim their things--bringing along Bilbo Baggins (apparently a thief) and Gandalf (who comes and goes as he pleases).
Did I mention they find the ring?
The only problem I have with the movie is that it will be given to us in three instalments--which are almost three hours each. Why must we wait so long to see more?

Word of Warning: Orcs are nasty looking, and it's that simple. I mean, aside from the whole chase-you-down-to-kill you thing, that's really the only thing to worry about. Unless you're afraid of giant spiders. But really, all the violence and horror revolves around the orcs--and it really is nasty at times. One orc loses his arm from the elbow down and in a later scene he is seen with a forked spear replacing his arm, a pointed end sticking out his severed elbow. An orc is devoured off screen by giant dog-like creatures. Gollum beats and then, off screen, devours a goblin (I believe that's what it was). While we do not see it happen, we do hear Gollum commenting on the texture.

Note on the Author: Peter Jackson directed the other Lord of the Rings movies and I've heard he combined some other Middle Earth history not included in The Hobbit book in order to truly tell the story as it was meant. If that's true, I'm glad he took the liberty of making such a move. So far, it's turned out wonderfully. I can't wait for more.

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