Friday, March 8, 2013


Welcome to our (Maria Gianna and Stacy's) blog! We both are very strongly Catholic, and believe that our Faith and morals affect everything we do. We realize that it is often difficult to find morally acceptable media in our culture today, and would like to make it easier for parents and older teens to navigate their way through this dangerous jungle.
We would like to point out that we will be reviewing many forms of media with mature themes, and would like to warn parents of younger teens that this blog should probably not be viewed without parental supervision. We will try to keep everything as tame as possible, but cannot promise that the content here will always be age-appropriate.
We hope you find our reviews to be helpful! Please feel free to leave comments if you have any questions. Also, we do take suggestions for books and movies to review, but we cannot promise to review any piece of media that we have serious moral objections to.

Thank you!
~Maria Gianna and Stacy

P.S. Please forgive the fact that our Chesterton widget does not have a picture of Chesterton, but rather of George Washington. It is disappointing, but unfixable. This does not detract, however, from the awesomeness of Chesterton, nor does it negate the coolness of the widget.

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grandma jane said...

Love that you two decided to take on this task with a fresh and engaging approach.

I've no doubt your readers will increase over time as you do a fine job of interpreting for those of us who seek a alternate viewpoint from typical media driven sources.

I will enjoy following your work.